Dustin Foley is a puzzle creator currently living in Harrogate, England. Below is a sampling of the variety of puzzles Dustin has made in the past and continues to make today. Enjoy!

Enigma Twist, authored solely by Dustin, was a daily puzzle featured in the Brown Daily Herald from January 2008 to May 2009. Within a rectangle the size of a comic strip, a new puzzle type appeared daily, ranging from classics to newly invented originals. Some weeks featured five different puzzle types based on a single theme. Post-2009, more puzzles in the same style have occasionally been added to this site.

Sample Puzzles
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The New York Times published one of Dustinís crosswords on April 6, 2009. A few days prior, his puzzle was also used in the 2009 Boston Crossword Tournament and the 2009 Brown University Crossword Tournament, both hosted by Will Shortz.

The Daily Puzz is a quick daily diversion available exclusively to Dustinís former coworkers. A different puzzle type is featured every week, with a new puzzle every weekday. First starting as a very frequent puzzle contributor, Dustin was then selected by the founder of the Puzz to be the co-editor. He volunteered his time to test-solve and revise puzzle submissions, selected entries for publication, and contributed an average of one week of puzzles every month. Below is a sample of his contributions.

These are a few of Dustin's larger mini-extravaganzas.

Upon request, Dustin has created small sets of interrelated puzzles to supply extra entertainment at holiday parties. Single holiday puzzles:


Dustin was the lead organizer for the Washington, DC chapter of the 5th annual DASH puzzle hunt on May 18, 2013. He also contributed one of the nine puzzles, Develop A Cure.